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Try Yoka stylish Rattan  Furniture designs to boost sales

Want to import rattan furniture from China? Take a look at Yoka rattan furniture. 

We have a wide range of rattan door furniture: rattan tv stand, rattan coffee table, rattan sideboard, etc. And we could also design unique items for you, to save your developing cost.

There are many rattan furniture manufacturers in the world. 

All our rattan furniture is made in China, at a reasonable price.

What are our customers say about our rattan furniture design?

“Wow, this looks sleek, unique design.”
“Nice looking furniture, very on-trend.”

Unique designs

Our rattan furniture has a unique design style, we will not sell them to multiple customers in the same market.

Not all of our stylish design are displayed on website.

If there is a need for other designs,leave us message.

rattan furniture manufactuers


The colors can be tailed as your needs.

Nowadays,the most popular color are oak rattan furniture and black rattan furniture.the white one is getting more and more popular too.

Difference Rattan

We are professional in making rattan furniture, selling worldwide.

In our warehouse, there are various rattan designs.

Any concept you like can be created. Let’s talk.

Photo service

After you buy our rattan furniture, if you need it,we could provide a free photography service and other information you need to help promote your selling.

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