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Frequently Asked Questions​

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Get the answers to most common questions customers have about buying stylish cabinets from YOKA
china rattan storage supplier


Your cabinets looks nice,are those all your in-house designs?

We have a team of in-house designers help to bring our products to market.
There are 3 types of furniture we are producing:
I.Our designed in house furniture
II.Product designed by Buyer
III.Modifications of our current products


what is the normal minimum order quantity per product?​​

About 100 pcs per product.
The purpose of minimum order quantities is to ensure we can offer the product at a better price. Because the less raw material we buy, the more cost will be shared in each unit.


Let me know your best sellers and what countries are you selling to ?

Please contact us via "contact", we will send you information within 24 hours, or you can directly contact: or
We mainly work with the Australian market and the European market.


Your furniture look very good, stylish, sleek and functional. How is the quality?

Our products are of high quality, as we aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers,a win-win business.
Our products can test the strength and stability of BS14749. If you would like to be tested by your own quality control team , please let us know.
We can provide free furniture samples for your testing.
Our products will bravely accept the test.


What is the PVC laminated on the MDF? Is this A pVC layer with wood grain pattern?

It is laminated with 3D PVC veneer,with wood grain pattern.

This is a high imitation of wood veneer,plastic materials,the cost is much cheaper but durable. It feels very colose to real veneer,scratch-resistant,waterproof,and easy to wipe.
Will you like to have apiece of color swatch ?


How is your production schedule these days ?

Year 2020 is special, usually our production time is 45-60 days, but now it is about 90 days.

There takes more time on preproduction sample making,more time on raw materials arrive.

The production time is long,but it is on Time.


Do you do mail order packaging ?

Yes, all our furniture is KD, a flat package. 85%-90% of order with mail-order package, we are an expert on it. All can pass the ISTA dropping test.
Here is a continued drop test video :​


The PE rattan is a plasict,is that correct?How durable is this ?

PE rattan is the highest quality rattan and is incredibly long-lasting. Many sets using PE rattan often have a guarantee from between 5-7 years.

It is mainly used for outdoor furniture or garden furniture. We made innovation and used it on indoor furniture, they turn out to stylish popular rattan door furniture.


What’s your prices on the rattan and industrial furniture ranges ?

We believe great design and style don’t need a great big price tag to match,it should be honestly priced.
Want to know how much exactly your desired furniture might cost?
Send inquiries to or to request a detailed quotation.

Furniture should last, look good and be honestly-priced.

Great design doesn’t just look good, it enhances the quality of life.
Great style never dates, it just gets better with age.
Great design and style don’t need a great big price tag to match.

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