Unique Deisgn Furniture

Looking for unique design storage cabinets for the next sales season? Check with us.

"Our belief is simple: Furniture should be durable, beautiful and reasonably priced."
Ellie Lin

Stylish design

If you are looking for  fashion cabinets from China. You are in the right place.We provide the best cabinets. 

With the help of professionals, we can design the cabinet according to your needs and market positioning.

Just imagine how excited in next season you can start to sell nice cabinets but your competitors no have.

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production SOP

For all our orders, 

1. Our craftsmen will first make a pre-production sample, and conduct structural and packaging tests.

2. We will make production process drawings based on the results of the first step

3. Then, our CNC machine will mass produce them according to the documents.

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Super easy assembly

All our furniture is KD, with clear understood assembly instruction.

Each accessory ,each panel will be labeled, they will be packaged in a red polybag for easy identification

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Sturdy packaging

For all our orders, they will be packed with :

  • Top & Bottom 2 cm polyfoam;
  • Side 2cm + 3-layer corrugated cardboard + 2cm thick polyfoam;
  • L shape hardboard corner protection ;
  • 200 lbs 5-layer corrugated cardboard double wall carton

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About us

We are a family own business..Since 1999 ,we joined the Furniture Industry.It was the first company to make MDF furniture in our city, in 2000.

 In the first beginning, we are making furniture panels, drawers, wall shelf etc those small and mid size furniture. After 8 years of experience,with knowledge of fine craftsmanship and the determination to make the best furniture accessories possible, we are sure our products are of high quality , we start making big and also high gloss with brand YOKA .

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