Unique design cabinet from China

Looking for unique design storage cabinets for the next sales season? Check with us.

"Our belief is simple: Furniture should be durable, beautiful and reasonably priced."
Ellie Lin

Stylish design

In addition to furniture manufacturing, we are also a truly reliable partner.

With the help of professionals, we could create products according to your requirements and market expectations. 

Just imagine how excited in next season you can start to sell nice cabinets but your competitors no have.

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china rattan storage supplier
China KD furniture supplier

FUll KD furniture

Our co-factory found in year 1999, we provide full KD furniture from China, with ODM, OEM, and custom-made serivce.

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Super easy assembly

All our furniture is KD, flat packaging.

Our furniture is easier to assemble:

1. Each part of our products is labeled

2. Provides detailed instructions, as well as videos to help consumers complete the more complex product assembly stages.

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Sturdy packaging

For all our orders, they will be packed with :

  • Top & Bottom polyfoam;
  • Side corrugated cardboard + thick polyfoam;
  • L shape hardboard corner protection ;
  • 200 lbs 5-layer corrugated cardboard double wall carton

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Photo service

We assist our e-commerce partners by providing necessary photos and sales information.

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